Monday, February 23, 2009

fantastic photos

Sorry that there hasn't been much going on on the blog recently. In all honesty, most of what's been going on here lately is just maintenance. Meals, laundry, diapers, naps, groceries. Not exactly thrilling blog topics. There will surely be more to blog about come next week, when my mom and dad (Signal's Oma and Opa) arrive in town for a few days. I expect the guys to spend a lot of time outside, and my mom and I to talk wardrobe for the upcoming Irish Show. Should be a ton of fun! It'll be the first time they see the house too. I can't wait for Dad to replace the toilet paper holder in our downstairs bathroom!

In order to tide you over until more is going on around here, I leave you with three awesome pictures of Signal snapped by our friend D. They really do capture the spirit of our little guy.


Wendy said...

LOVE the Mr.Messy t-shirt!!! Great photos!

M said...

Thanks Wen! I find he looks so much older than two in that first picture.