Monday, February 02, 2009

the ick

Yes, it has been a week since I have poster to the blog. If you want a recap, it goes something like this:
Monday - A (roommate) home from work with the ick.
Tuesday - Signal shows signs of getting the ick.
Wednesday - Snowstorm. Signal throwing up. Must drive in said storm to go get long-lost friend from the subway. Good times.
Thursday - Signal still sick. Prepare dinner party for 7. Get really good news over supper that makes up for general grossness of week so far.
Friday - Get up really early. Drive Ru and long-lost friend to commuter train. Deal with sick cranky toddler all day. Cancel dinner plans.
Saturday - Ru sick with the ick. Signal still sick. Opt out of gymnastics. Do nothing.
Sunday - Ru really sick with ick. Signal getting better. I'm getting the ick too. Don't go out for Superbowl. Be cranky all day. Get A to take pictures of us in football gear just to show we're not dead.

Yep, I know we look terrible. Did you read the above part of this post? Truth is, I'm feeling worse today and Ru's not feeling that much better. I am getting really tired of it. Oh well. At least the Steelers won the Superbowl.

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