Tuesday, February 17, 2009

m's meal plan, february 16 through 22

Now that every member of our family seems to be out of the woods in terms of sickness (I ran a fever for nearly 48 hours last week... fun!), we're back into the swing of things with meal planning. I like this weeks plan because it has two new-to-us recipes, as well as other things we haven't eaten recently. It always feels good to be eating new stuff; helps to break me out of the monotony of being home all day and spices things up a bit!

Monday - Supper at a tex-mex restaurant
Tuesday - Chicken korma with green beans, basmati and naan
Wednesday - Make-your-own pizzas
Thursday - Sweet potato soup and whole wheat rolls
Friday - A's grandmother's meatballs
Saturday - Sauteed shrimp with roasted vegetable couscous
Sunday - Pork with peanuts and quinoa

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Julia said...

I'm glad you guys are feeling better! I hate having fevers - they really make me feel like I'm dying, even though I know it's not that bad. Here's hoping for a good long healthy streak for you folks.