Tuesday, February 24, 2009

m's meal plan, february 23 through march 1

Here's this week's meal plan. I think Wednesday and Thursday are going to be a lot of fun. Wednesday's meal uses black bean soup that I have in the freezer, so it's basically assembly-only. Always fun. And I have never made steak sandwiches as part of our weekly meal plan before. I hope that they're a hit!

Secretly, I think I am most looking forward to Sunday. Any meal that I don't have to cook is a fine one in my book. Hooray for friends with culinary skills.

Monday - Chicken breasts, roasted potatoes, carrots and leeks, and green peas
Tuesday - Penne and meatball bake with rolls
Wednesday - Black bean soup with deli chicken sandwiches
Thursday - Steak, pepper and onion sandwiches with sweet potato fries
Friday - Blast-roasted whole chicken with potatoes and asparagus
Saturday - Tacos
Sunday - N's surprise Chinese meal

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