Wednesday, February 04, 2009

new art

Yesterday morning before I got up, Signal did some drawing while Ru tried to take it easy a bit. This was one of the drawings he did. A dog - two eyes, a nose, a mouth, 4 legs, ears, a tail, and a crown. Yep, a crown. Apparently dogs are royalty in Signal's world.

He sure loves art. This morning he asked to draw with his markers and Ru said no, because she was busy doing something else and felt that she couldn't watch him adequately. She told him that he was free to draw, but needed to use his wax crayons. Signal then told her "These (the wax crayons) are for little kids. I want markers!" Cause he's an oh-so-mature 26 months, after all.


ru said...

he didn't even say "little kids" - he said "little boys and girls."

it was heart-breakingly, ovary-rupturingly cute.

MadJenny said...

That is an amazing dog! I wonder if the dog is a princess or a queen???

Sybil said...

Loving it! Also loving the repurposed printer paper. We went through a ton of that when Iris was little!