Friday, February 06, 2009

quote of the day

it was another one of those mornings, when signal wanted both oatmeal AND cheese toast for breakfast (a sure sign that he, at least, is feeling better!).

so he was standing on his footstool ("stooful") next to the counter, where he stands to help me make breakfast (he can pour the oatmeal water into the pan, get the pinch of salt, put cheese on the toast, stir the sugar and butter and oatmeal and milk and cinnamon - he is really a great help in the kitchen, when he isn't trying to run off with a knife...). i took the toast out of the toaster and was waving it in the air, trying to get it a little dry before putting it on the foil for the cheese. the oatmeal water was buddling away on the stovetop. and signal puts his hands on top of his head and says:

"my hair! it's blowing in a hot wind!"


and in other news, i made it back to work yesterday. by the time i got home, though, i was green, exhausted and a little pukey. and then, after supper, my lip and face swelled up a little bit. just a little random swelling, for the heck of it! it seems ridiculous that it was too much too soon, but i think it was indeed that. so i am staying home again today, in hopes that i can make it in tomorrow morning... i haven't been this sick since early 2005! wish me luck!

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