Sunday, March 22, 2009

i want to be a supermodel

It has begun.

The process of potty learning is underway for Signal. The week after I purchase six more toddler prefolds to replace diapers he has outgrown, of course!

It started with my dad (Signal's Opa) talking up how fun it was to use the potty. At their place two weeks ago, Signal began thinking pooping on the potty was fun. Now, that didn't last, but peeing on the potty is in full swing! He has been peeing in the potty an average 4 times a day. Sometimes more and sometimes less, but he is definitely getting the idea down! It's so fun to see how proud he is of himself when he pees on his potty. And of course Ru and I are proud too!

In honour of starting potty learning, Ru and I picked up some big boy underwear for Signal on Friday. It's too big (even though he's at the high end of the weight range for it), but he's pretty happy to be strutting around in the stuff. We are of course still using diapers at many times throughout the day, but he's been pretty good at keeping those dry too. In fact, from 10am to 1pm today, he didn't wet a diaper at all and peed in the potty three times!

We couldn't help, of course, snapping some pictures of Signal in his new undies.

In doggie print undies from Osk Kosh.

Looking like a future underwear model.

How cute is that? I'm thinking that we're likely a ways off until we ditch the diapers all together, but my hope is that by the fall Signal will be completely dry during the day. I don't think that that's too ambitious. I suppose we'll see...

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Wendy said...

OMG, could he be any cuter in that last photo... I just LOVE that little pose he is doing! He totally does look like he's in a Calvin Klein add! haha