Tuesday, April 14, 2009

happy easter!

Ru, Signal and I all had an ab fab Easter long weekend. With Ru off work for four days in a row, we had a ton of family time, saw lots of friends, and got lots done too! There was of course drama, brought on by a 2 year old who was without much routine all weekend long. But the good parts definitely outshone the bad.

The weekend started off with Signal's Uncle D in town. On Friday we had a great BBQ, with 13 people all crammed into our house for lots of food and great conversation. I had originally hoped that it would be warm enough for us to hang out outdoors, but with the snow we had at the beginning of the week last week the back yard was muddy and the wind was chilly. All the kids in attendance played wonderfully together, and it was nice to catch up with friends, some of whom we hadn't seen since Signal's birthday party. Sadly, I seem to not have taken any pictures at all at the BBQ. Oops!

Saturday began with Signal, Ru, Uncle D and I painting Easter eggs and Signal doing a little egg hunt around the house. Ru had purchased an egg decorating kit that involved painting the eggs with sponge brushes instead of dipping them, and I thought it was really great for a kid as young as Signal. He was really able to get into it!

At the table with Uncle D and Mama.

A look of utter concentration.

Finding Easter eggs.

Finding M&M eggs inside his Easter eggs.

On Sunday, we were invited to breakfast at J, J, and B's place. It was a ton of fun! A yummy yummy breakfast of eggs, waffles, fresh fruit and cappuccinos. Big fish in a tank that Signal would have loved to watch all day long. Fun times playing with all of B's toys and books. And an egg hunt in their back yard that ended with Signal getting some yummy chocolate. A very fun way to celebrate Easter indeed.

The Easter bunny left Signal underwear and cars.

Playing the piano while wearing B's kippa.

One of the eggs J hid for Signal.

Egg hunt success!

And then yesterday, we used Ru's final day off to get quite a few tasks out of the way. Both Ru and I went to the dentist to get our teeth cleaned. Ru went to Walmart to get replacement bulbs for the turn signal on our car and got that replaced. I made up this week's meal plan and we went for groceries. Then, we were joined by more friends, E and Jer. They came over to share pizza for supper and to watch the very final episode of Corner Gas. While the ending of the show was a tad disappointing, it was still a great evening.

Thanks so much to all the friends that shared our Easter weekend with us. It made being far from home this holiday a lot more fun.

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