Wednesday, April 08, 2009

i know, i know

It has been too long since we've poster to the blog. We know.

But things have been a little crazy around here. Nice weather, and then crappy weather. Visitors. Parties. Upcoming holidays. It seems like Ru and Signal and I never have a moment to sit and just be anymore. I am hoping that this upcoming Easter weekend will provide some rest and relaxation for our family, but I am fully aware of how full our schedule is.

Just in case you were worried that Signal had lost some of his cute during our blogging lapse, I assure you he has not. Here he is modeling his new tomten jacket, knit by my very dear friend R.

I will try to get some new photos of us all this weekend and update the blog for everyone who reads as a way to keep in touch since we're so far from family. I vow to post again by Monday. Hold me to it people!

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