Thursday, June 11, 2009

junk mail

Signal sure loves it when the mail comes. He always hopes that there might be a little something for him. A package, a card, some stickers. The boy has definitely inherited his Mama's love of the postal service!

The mail he loves most of all, however, is flyers. Flyers for restaurants. For grocery stores, or department stores, or even for tourist attractions. Flyers are were it's at for him. We keep a small stash in the car for when we're driving around town, because Signal inevitably asks to "read a magazine" while we're out. He's so funny.

I think that he's pretty convincing too (except for the part where he wears the flyers on his head.) With his love of all things printed, I wonder how long before he'll be recognizing sight words.

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C i n d y said...

I saw a book at Barnes and Noble yesterday for junk mail origami. Perhaps Signal can put his love of junk mail to creative use! :)