Wednesday, June 24, 2009

m's meal plan, june 22 through 28

Geez, how did it get so long between posts again? Life has been really busy around here. With warmer weather here to stay, it seems, we've been out and about more. While I am not fan of the heat by any means, I have to admit that I love leaving the house without worrying about coats and sweaters and all that cold weather bulk.

With temperatures hovering in the mid-30s this week with the humidity factored in, I'm trying to cook by using primarily the slow cooker or the grill. Neither method heats up the house much, and that's just what we need!

Monday - Chicken kebabs, couscous and veggie kebabs
Tuesday - Easy slow cooker chili and bread
Wednesday - Salmon and shrimp with rice and broccoli
Thursday - Takeout
Friday - Groundnut stew, rice and naan
Saturday - Thai peanut satays, noodles, and snow peas
Sunday - Grilled steak, potatoes and asparagus

I hope that wherever you are, you are all beating the heat in the kitchen and avoiding toiling over a hot stove!


Jenn said...

Very curious. What is groundnut stew?

M said...

Sorry not to have answered sooner! The groundnut stew is a recipe from Fix-it and Forget-it. It's a chicken stew in a peanut butter based gravy. I hope it turns out well!