Friday, June 26, 2009

swing toddler toddler, swing!

At least once a week, Ru takes Signal to the park before I even get up out of bed. It's nice time for them to spend together, allows me to sleep in a bit, and makes for a trip outside before it gets too hot under the summer sun. His very favourite things to do at the park is swing. And swing. AND swing. Ru tells me that there are mornings that they are at the park for an hour and all Signal does is swing.

I found these pictures on the camera yesterday when I was uploading pictures to the laptop. I'm guessing that this is Ru's view for about an hour, once or twice a week. Cute as heck, but I can also see why she brings a book!

Too bad we don't have a tree to hold a swing on our property. Signal would surely be in it all the time.


omaopa said...

Love the wife beater!!!

ru said...

in fact, it is not hard at all to push him with one hand and read a book with the other, as long as it is not too big. he loves to swing, i love to read, neither of us needs to talk - golden!