Tuesday, July 21, 2009

actually NOT the worst blogger ever!

i would like to relieve m of the terrible burden of being the worst blogger ever. because of course, that distinction must fall to me, since i am the one who got this project started in the first place and then abandoned it to her when i went back to work after my four months' parental leave.

it's not that there hasn't been anything going on. au contraire. it's just that the weird simultaneous compression and stretching of time that occurs when one has a small child is so unusual and so unexpected that it really does take some time to get used to. i think i actually got used to the weeks upon weeks of sleep deprivation (which should not be understood as to be in the past, by the way, though it IS a lot better) long before i grew accustomed to the balance struck between the attention to minutiae that having a child entails (did you see that face?! did you hear what he said?! he is so amazing!) and the sweeping and incomprehensible passage of time (what's that you say? july is almost over? july of 2009? doesn't that mean i will be 33 years old this year?! WTH?!).

but now, three years into this parenthood project (and believe me, once he is potty-trained, i am sending him off to the ivy league - surely they have research projects in place where he will get loads of individualized care!), i am finally coming back to myself. we've got some interesting stuff going on - things that we came to by decision or by accident. things like this year we are hoping to do an entire (or almost entire) homemade/handmade/artisan christmas. and since we decided on it so early in the year, it has expanded to most of gift-giving so far this year. so there is a lot of knitting, some sewing being proposed, and a great deal of WAHM- and artisan-support shopping (thank goodness for Hyena Cart and Etsy!).

things have gotten a lot more interesting at work for me. i have been filling in a contract position for the past few months at a level up from where i was, and that is going permanent - which presents a great opportunity for me.

there is more reading going on (and not just of picture books, and not just by the two adults!). m has actually finished two books this year - i will let her tell you more about it!

signal has discovered a couple new loves - Fireman Sam (the hero next door!) and the Toronto Zoo ("mama, i saw NAKED MOLE RATS at the zoo!!").

and i have found a new project to try to stick with (HA!). it's called "101 Things in 1001 Days" - which is about 2.75 years. i inadvertently started my 1001 days yesterday, by doing something that i had put on my list (which is not complete, by the way). so now i better get a move on... i had actually put "finish this list" as one of the things on the list, but i had intended to replace it with something else when i actually finished the list. now it looks like it might be a legitimate directive! but the first task is done, which was to transfer our car payment from our old bank account to our new bank account. it doesn't sound nearly so difficult now that it's done! but trust me, that was a phone call eight months in the making!! so now it will save me a biweekly drive to two banks to transfer money and the $7/month the old account cost us in fees. (let us not think about how many double cheeseburgers i could have eaten for $7/month over eight months! GAH!)

anyway, there's a little update. hopefully m has been absolved of all responsibility of being the worst blogger ever, and i have been kickstarted back into involvement!

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