Saturday, July 11, 2009

worst blogger ever?

Okay, so I realize that I am fully falling down on the job of blogging. Why? I don't really know the answer to that question. As E has gotten older, it seems like a combination of things has led be to blog less. First, I am taking less pictures of E now. So there is less visual fodder for the blog. Second, it seems that as he grows, the number of "new" things he does is lessening. So I feel that there is less to tell you all about as well. Third, I feel like I have less time to blog. I don't really know why - I still get lots of computer time. But somehow, the blog is not really what I am drawn to right now.

Being Mommy to Signal continues to be a blast though. He's getting SO big (in size 4T and 5T clothes), is always talking up a storm, and his interests are growing and changing too. Current favourites include cars and trains, play dough, and of course, puzzles. Here are some recent pics of him and Ru working on a new floor puzzle. Try to ignore the cat hair; Zeus loves to join in when we're doing puzzles, and sheds all over them as we try to move him out of the way.

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Julia said...

Nice try, but it's clear that I'm the worst blogger ever! (Though I'm still committed to catching up on all of our travels at some point, I really am...)