Tuesday, August 11, 2009

super undies!

Things have been crazy buys around here again! Sorry for the lag in blogging. Right now Signal is going through the process of potty learning, and that has required a lot of attention. He is doing great - he's wearing undies all the time during the day now, with a diaper at nap time and bed time. However, he's been waking up dry from his nap and almost always dry in the morning as well, so we're really encouraged. He still has the occasional accident in his undies, particularly with poop, but we can't complain. I am very hopeful that Signal will be accident-free by the time snowsuit season rolls around. I don't want to have to wash pee-soaked snow pants, thank you very much!

We're also in the process of enrolling Signal in a co-op preschool two mornings a week. I am looking forward to seeing him get to interact more with kids his own age. I think it will be a great opportunity for him to do different activities than he does with me, and to become more independent too. Ru will be sitting on the board of the preschool, and I will be doing some work to help in the classroom. Signal's first day of school will be September 17th. We'll be sure to keep you posted.

Oh, and if that wasn't enough, we also facing another move. We'll be moving out of this house later in the fall... don't know to where yet, but we're hoping to find something good soon. Please send us some housing vibes, okay? We need them.

And what would a post be without pictures? Take one potty learning boy, add a playsilk as a cape and some elbow pads, and you have "Super Undies!" Here to save the world from, ummm, sleep? Quiet time? I dunno. :)

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Julia said...

That may well be the cutest post ever. I love the outfit. Good work on all sides on the diaper-free success! I'm sure that'll make life easier on all fronts. (Owen proudly told us on Skype last weekend about his latest potty-based victory as well.) That sucks that you guys have to move again, but hopefully you find something great. Good luck!