Friday, April 16, 2010

Making changes

Hi! It's been awhile. But we don't want to let this blog go by the wayside (permanently). M told me that if I picked up some of the writing duties, she would really appreciate it.

So I am just popping on really quickly to say that I am in the midst of unpacking/purging/rearranging some of the stuff in our place. We have been thinking for a year or so about getting a dog. And I made a deal with M that we would get a dog as soon as we could get a defined set of to-do's done. Those to-do's include organizing and straightening the living areas on the main floor (living/dining room and guest bedroom, with all their attendant closets). I got started when she was in Los Angeles last weekend, and we are keeping it up today (my day off work for the week).

And, so, that said, off I go to get the books on the shelf in its new location in the guest bedroom. Think about what kind of dog you think we should get and leave suggestions in the comments!


Alex said...

get a rescued greyhound! they are patient with kids and couch potatoes (don't really need a lot of exercise). My mum has one, and we had another when I was growing up.

Mary said...

Hey Ru! I just realized you are on blogger too!
Advice: Don't get a Yorkie! I have one and I love her, but I'll never get another one. They are stubborn, even more than me. That is saying a lot! We have a lab/besenji/whippet mix rescue that is fabulous. She does no wrong! Japanese Chins are very nice too. Both shed though. Schnauzers are good and don't shed.
Look on for pics of Emma and Isis.

Carroll said...

definitely a golden retriever. kirby is a chocolate lab and he needs tonnes of exercise...goldens are a bit more laid back than labs and also great with kids.