Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Experiments: Morning Screen Time

Last week, Signal and I tried something new. He and I agreed that we would get up in the mornings and do something other than turn on our respective screens first thing (TV for him, computer for me). The screen first-thing in the morning thing is an old habit, one that I attribute mostly to how badly Signal slept for the first three years of his life. Having the TV going made it much easier for me to ease into the morning without having a total breakdown, day after day after day.

These days he is sleeping better (a little bit), and I am getting better and more sleep as a result, so I thought it was time to perhaps wean ourselves off our morning drug a bit. So last week, these are the things we did instead of watch TV first thing in the morning:

- made butter (sort of, we turned OFF the TV to do this)
- went to the park (x3)
- read books (to each other and separately)

I think we both enjoyed it. I think it is something we will continue trying - to move away from morning screen time in favour of morning together time.

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whitehologram said...

You're better than me. I walk into the living room and turn on the TV and the laptop every day. I think I'd die without them.....or just feel very lonely. One or the other.