Sunday, August 08, 2010

Okay. This is it. I am doing this.

For the longest time I could not figure out why I am having such difficulty kick-starting this blog again. It is never far from my mind, and when I think of it, hanging out here with its old photos and stagnant news, I cringe.

The other day, I finally figured it out. I started this blog before Signal was born. It was a random little place to collect things - quotes, poems, moments. And then Signal came along, and we turned the blog into a chronicle of all things Signal. Rightfully and fully understandably so. And now, it is time to turn it back. Oh, not back to just what it was before.

First of all, I am not taking back sole proprietorship. M will still be free to post or not as she will. So that is a difference. And of course, we are different people now than we were pre-Signal. I can certainly see my pre-parent self in my now-self. I like to think that my pre-parent self would recognize me, if I saw me walking down the street. (Of course, the buzz cut does help, even with self-recognition!) But I do different things. I am concerned about different stuff. My lunches are no longer about sitting on a curb ruminating on the breeze until a haiku forms. My lunches are now about cramming my food into my face so I can score some reading time before having to go back to work!! Just an example, of course.

So I think that I might have a plan now. A plan for how to dust heddadabbler off and get her going again. Please keep checking back! I have plans for a post for tomorrow!

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Carroll said...

so glad you will be picking it up again...missed reading it!