Monday, July 27, 2015

Day 4

So the other day I mentioned the 30-Day Minimalism Challenge. Today was the fourth day. So far, so good! This is what I have done so far:

  • Streamline your reading list: I went from 30 books checked out and 35 books on my hold list to 5 books checked out and 10 books on my hold list.
  • Turn off notifications: I was really surprised to see how many notifications I still had turned on, to be honest! My phone's battery lasts a lot longer now that I have turned off all but the most essential notifications.
  • Go bare-faced: I know what you are thinking. You are thinking "but you don't wear makeup anyway!" That is correct. So to qualify for bare-faced, I went without a shower and didn't use any hair product!
  • No email or social media before lunch: I used the fact that I was in training at work from the start of my day until noon as a bit of cheat on this one today. But it does mean that I didn't check my email or any social media this morning before I went to work. Which is sometimes a problem for me...
Tomorrow, I think I might tackle "Practice single-tasking." You know, picking one thing and then actually sticking with it until it is done. This is also something that can occasionally be difficult for me.

Also tomorrow, I am going to be doing a little practice triathlon. I am registered for a proper Give-It-A-Tri on August 22, so I am going to mimic the distances tomorrow morning. 400 meters in the pool, 10 kilometres on the bike, and a 2.5 kilometre run. I am guessing that this will take me about an hour. I should still have enough time to get ready for work! I might do nothing but sleep all day once I get there. But if that is my single task that I have decided to get done, I suppose that will still count for the minimalism challenge!

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