Saturday, July 25, 2015

The road to...

The only thing worse than working a Saturday is working a summer Saturday.  And a perfect summer Saturday at that!  I will rely on my two walks to get me through it (I walk around outside on my two breaks each day - it helps, with lots of things!).

So, what precipitated my return to the blog after all this time?  Rest assured, the past nearly 5 years have been full of good intentions to return to blogging.  Of course, we all know where Good Intentions Road ends up.  The great thing about roads, though, is that they run both ways.  So, leaving all those good intentions behind me, here we are.  Doing something, instead of intending to do it.

There are a few little projects I am working on that all tangentially intersect.  Signal is going off to sleep-away camp for the first time tomorrow morning.  While he is gone, we are going to rearrange a couple of rooms in the house to create some additional usable space.  When we pick him up, we will be leaving on vacation for a couple weeks - and for that, I am hoping to do my very first capsule wardrobe/minimalist packing job. I have started a 30-Day Minimalism Challenge, after having successfully completed the month-long Mins Game back in April.

It all comes down to space, and less stuff, and simplifying, and intentionality.  The intentionality is key. Not having good intentions only, but acting with purpose - thoughtfully, intentionally. Intentionality.

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