Sunday, July 26, 2015

Just another summer Sunday

This morning we dropped Signal off to take the bus to his first week at sleep-away camp. He dragged his overly large duffle to the bag of the commandeered school bus, had his hair checked for lice (he was clear!), then boarded the bus with a whole bunch of other kids, bound for the wilderness! He should be settling down into bed for his first night at Camp Ten Oaks. We haven't gotten a phone call (from camp anyway) yet, so we assume that all must be well.

After drop-off and grocery shopping, M and I went to the Toronto Festival of Beer down at Exhibition Place with JB.  We wandered around in the hot sun, ate pretzels and poutine, and drank many tiny samples of beer and cider.  Despite being sponsored by some big corporate beer names, there was a very strong craft and international presence, and we got some tasty tasty locals, as well as some craft brews from as far afield as Ireland. Highlights included: White Fog wheat beer from Cassel Brewery; Asystole Double IPA from Rainhard Brewing; and Solstice Saison and Brimstone Licorice Porter, both from Flying Monkeys.

And now, we are sitting on the couch, watching "Orange is the New Black" at a time of night when we would normally be watching Minecraft videos on YouTube or getting the child into bed. At some point, I should do the dishes, since apparently those still accumulate, even with the child gone...

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